In the end of November 2008 we spent three days in Saal 1, Nalepastraße in Berlin. We bought and rented a bunch of bizarre lamps and recorded in outer space atmosphere. Then Daniel obsessively mixed the material with engineer Martin Ruch for several weeks in all kinds of studios and also did some overdubs with melodicas. Eventually Daniel went to Abbey Road to master the whole thing with Sean Magee.

It’s a good blend of old and new material from our first 3 years of playing together. The style of each tune is quite different but the musical material is closely related and there is a conceptual aspect to the album.

Henning Wagenbreth did the artwork – a marvelous 20-page-booklet which is a Space-Road-Movie in which the orchestra travels through outer space!


1 Gamma Pluto Delta 2 Asteroids! 3 Lava Lovers 4 Radioactive People 5 Scene 3 6 Cotton Candy Nebula 7 Milky Way Fables 8 Postludium
recorded in Nov 2008 released in May 2009 available on CD and LP buy directly at the label: Alien Transistor