As the title suggests, it’s a live-album 😉 Taken from a 2012-concert in Berlin.

In contrast to our last album BUM BUM, it is unedited and will give you a good picture of the band performing in concert – lively interplay, a roaring audience and uncut natural flow.

Despite our earlier heavy studio productions, there are a lot of people out there who insist AMEO is a live-band and this concert was particularly inspired – a lot of surprising things happened. Another thing that comes out very well on this album is the exciting symbiosis of all the different characters in our group. There are more spots for the distinctive individuals to stretch.

The pieces chosen for this album combine for a wide array of moods and mindsets. From the meditative Opening, the Techno-Thriller Sozialbao and wild-percussive Harmagedon, to the comic abstract showdown between W.A. Mozart vs Random Generator.

We will carry the album with two tours in May and September 2014. Some dates are already set, be sure to check our schedule every once in a while!


1 Opening
2 Le Pretre Viré
3 Sozialbão
4 Harmagedon
5 Overture
6 W.A. Mozart vs Random Generator


recorded in May 2012
available on CD and LP
released in April 2014
buy directly at the label: Alien Transistor