This is our second album and it took almost two years to complete it:

The basic idea was the deconstruction of the whole orchestral organism into its individual parts, its reconfiguration and transformation into something that could not be done live. This led to a long and adventurous journey into the unexplored realms of editing, processing and mixing of millions of puzzle-pieces that had been recorded in numerous overdub-sessions before.
This odyssey is condensed to one hour of music and these texts are taken from the artwork in the 2LP-set:

Saturn Hoola Hoop is quite simply a beat combining orchestral and cut-up aesthetics. Something it has in common with the more abstract Sotho Hotho Ro, which you could call a distilled essence – a constellation of musical aphorisms and assumptions, colorful crystals mirrored and juxtaposed in the tightest of spaces.

Le Prêtre Viré was originally an argument between a priest and a doubter. Karsten Hochapfel – guitarist, cellist and composer of this piece – discarded the part of the priest though, hence the title. This piece was written for his band “Das Rote Gras” in which he plays with Daniel Glatzel, who created this adaptation for Andromeda.

Hektra Mumma Gulla is a musical diary, written in the cold winter of 2009. Outside people tried to balance on the thick layers of ice like clumsy penguins. Everyday rainy showers made matters only worse. Inside it was dry and empty. Repetitive patterns riddled the author… daily routines, music, perception – absurdity and mystery of life… Ceci n’est pas de la musique?

September 27th, 2010. Mankind has gone insane.
Something has to change. Something has to move. But not us! We need a hero who can pull us all along. We need you! We long for you! We desperately call you…

anebulamanifesto is a collage of scattered, improvised fragments by harpist Anna Viechtl.

Despite his dubious character, the express messenger Space Purolator is always on his way. Burdened and thrilled by the goods he has to carry out into the world, he jets around between utter apathy and supernatural motivation.


1 Saturn Hoola Hoop
2 Sotho Hotho Ro
3 Le Prêtre Viré
4 Hektra Mumma Gulla
5 Rainbow Warrior
6 anebulamanifesto
7 Space Purolator


recorded and produced in 2010-2011
available on CD and 2LP
released in May 2012

buy directly at the label: Alien Transistor